What if I failed the background check report?

The software offers a great opportunity for Service Pros to find jobs within the system. One of the required conditions is to pass the ID verification process and the background check report. After you’ve successfully completed the process, you’ll receive a special badge, which will be displayed on your public business profile (in case it is activated). This badge will indicate you as a verified Service Pro and allow you to apply for suggested job offers near you.

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How can I find a job within the system?

Please note!
The background check report is available for US residents only. There is a $49.99 fee for the check. The background check report is valid for 1 year. If your license expires earlier than a year you can update it without any extra charges within a year. 

If you fail the background check report due to accepted criteria, you will have the opportunity to request it once again. 

Please note! The $49.99 fee will be charged for every new screening report request.

You will receive a feed notification along with an email notification about the background screening report results. In case of failure, you’ll receive the reason why it was declined and any possible workarounds. 

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Last updated:
Mar. 6, 2023