How do I add questions to the application?

Within the system, you can screen your tenants and access all of the important information you need to know about your potential tenants. Screening questions can help you vet tenants before you check with references and can help to identify potential issues before they arise. 

The basic application does not include screening questions, but you can add them and customize the screening questions. To add your own questions to the application’s template, please go to the Settings menu on your dashboard and choose “Rental Application settings” from the “Rental application” section:

Under the "Screening Questions" section you can add up to 40 of your own questions. To add a new question, press "+ add question" and enter the question into the field below. Then click on the "Create" button.

Yes/No answers are not always enough, so you can create screening questions that require additional explanations if necessary. 

Will you agree to a background/credit check? If not, please explain.

Can you provide references from your employer and previous landlord? If not, please explain.

Save the changes by clicking the "Update" button and that's it!


Last updated:
Nov. 29, 2023