How do I make rental application template fields required?

Application Customization & Tools where you can easily configure the rental application template fields using the rental application configuration scheme are available beginning with the Starter Plan. These tools give you the flexibility to configure template fields and mark them as either required or optional, depending on the type of information you want to receive from potential tenants.

Please note!
Application Customization & Tools is available starting from the Starter subscription plan.

To configure template fields in your rental application, go to the Rental applications page from the main Settings menu. Select the “Rental Application settings” tab. 

Scroll down to the "Template Field Configurator" section and click on the "change scheme" link.

You can show or hide all sections except General info, and make necessary fields required or optional. In the Attachments section you can completely eliminate the fields you don't want to be shown in the application by enabling the "not (visible)" toggle button.  Press "Update" to complete the process and save changes:

You can also choose the required number of records you would like your applicants to provide by selecting from the drop-down menu in the corresponding sections. An applicant will not be able to skip and submit the rental application if all sections are not completed.

If you need to start from scratch, reset the scheme to the default version.


Last updated:
Feb. 28, 2023