How do I pay annually?

If you want to pay for your subscription on a yearly basis, please select this option during the subscription process. The yearly option saves you 10%.

If you've already subscribed to the monthly plan, you can change your billing schedule to the annual one at any time. 

To change your billing schedule from monthly to annual, please click on your profile picture and select the “Settings” option. Then go to the Subscription section and select “My plan“.

Now you can see your current subscription plan and the date of the next payment on the first tab. 

In order to change your billing schedule to an annual billing cycle, click on the "Switch to yearly" link next to the title of your current plan. It will take you to the "Purchase Plan" pop-up with your current plan and the "pay annually" option selected. Confirm your choice.

Review and click on the "Confirm" button below to save changes. Your card will be charged a yearly fee. Your billing cycle will be immediately changed. You can change it back to the monthly option at any time.


Last updated:
March 19, 2024