Why is my account subscription overdue?

Your account subscription might be overdue due to the following reasons:

  • Your subscription payment failed, and the system couldn't charge your primary credit card.
  • Your primary credit card has expired.

If your account subscription is overdue, you won't be able to access any features or pages until the payment is processed.

To get your subscription back on track, log into your account and click “Resume” on the Dashboard: 

You'll then have the option to update your payment information and make a payment for the outstanding balance, which will restore access to your account:

After successfully submitting payment, you will be able to check your plan details and billing in Settings > “My plan”:


Additionally, you can add a new card to your Subscription settings and set it as the primary payment method to ensure smooth future subscription payments.

This might be helpful: How do I save a card for purchases within the system?

Please note!
If no steps are taken to reactivate an overdue subscription, we will retain your data for 90 days before it is permanently deleted. 


Last updated:
Apr. 09, 2024