Why is my account subscription overdue?

Your account subscription may be overdue for several reasons:

  • Your subscription payment failed and the system was unable to charge your primary credit card;
  • Your primary credit card has expired.

If your account subscription is overdue, you'll be unable to use any features until the payment is processed.

Update your payment information, process your payment for the outstanding balance, and then you can resume and manage your subscription.

To do so, select the "Account Subscription" option from the main "Settings" menu. Press the "Resume" button to resume the current plan, change the plan billing schedule, select another subscription plan, or move to the free account:

If your primary card cannot be charged for some reason, you can resume your subscription by adding a new card. Press the "Continue" link and choose "Manually enter card information":

Please note!

You can also add a new card to your Subscription Settings and make it primary:



Last updated:
Mar. 30, 2022