How do I resolve the Maintenance request?

Once the maintenance request is successfully completed, you are welcome to resolve it by summing up the necessary details. Select the desired request on the Requests or Requests Board page.

Please note! The Requests board is available from the Pro subscription plan.

Go to the Requests page and select to display “In review” from the drop-down list to view the requests with In review status that need to be reviewed by you. To confirm that the request was resolved, please select the Resolved status from the drop-down menu:

Alternatively, you can use the Request board to simply drag and drop the request from the In review to the Resolved column: 

Service Pro you work with for the first time within the “Find a job” feature can change request to the “In review” status. You will want to review the completed work and then mark the request as resolved on your end. 
Maintenance request you assign to Service Pro, who is from your Contacts, can move the completed request to Resolved status on their end.

Once you change the request’s status to Resolved, you will see the “Resolve this maintenance” pop-up. In the Dates & labor section, you will want to enter the start and end dates of the request, as well as the time, spent on it.

In the Supplies & Materials section, you can add materials that were used. The information will be auto-filled if you have already added materials when creating or editing the maintenance request.

If you have assigned a professional to the request, you will also want to mention whether they have returned keys and add a comment to the request.
Note, please! The comment can be added as a private comment. In this case, it will be added to the Timeline only. You are welcome to share the comment in the messages tab of this particular maintenance request.

Resolve the maintenance request and you’re done! If the maintenance request is assigned to a professional and/or shared with a tenant, you are welcome to charge your tenant and pay to the professional right here.



Last updated:
Mar. 29, 2024