Syndication to Marketing websites

To list your property to the Marketing websites, first, make sure you have verified your account, or you will not be able to proceed.

This might be helpful:
How do I verify my account?

Next, go to your Listing page and click the “List unit“ option:

property management software

Choose where to post your listing to: “Listing website“ or “Free ILS.” All listings are always posted to your free Listing website when you submit the listing form:

property management software

Please note!
The “Free ILS“ option is available for properties located in the US only.

The following unit types cannot be posted to the marketing websites:

  • Commercial
  • Mobile home
  • Parking space
  • Room
  • Storage
  • Villa
  • Suite

Please note!
Only the Monthly rent schedule is available when posting properties to the marketing websites.

Active listings posted via Zillow Rental Manager require payment, but your first listing is free until it expires. Each subsequent listing requires payment (see “How much does it cost to list a rental property?”). 

Your first listing expires 30 days after the initial activation of your listing, or when you deactivate it. You can prevent your first listing from expiring by reactivating your first listing, before it expires, for an additional 30-day period. Reactivation of your first listing after it expires will require payment. Every rental listing after your first listing expires when you deactivate it.

To post the listing to ZillowGroup, please go to main SettingsIntegration option on the Account settings section:

property management software
property management software

Zillow Group Rentals no longer accepts listings without direct agreements from property managers and listing advertisers. To post your listing to Zillow Group, please reach out to their paid inclusion support team via and they can assist you with questions regarding publishing your listing data.

For more information please go to:
Listing properties with a feed

It can take up to two hours for a listing to appear on Zillow. The wait time for other sites is from 24 to 48 hours. Each listing goes through a verification process to confirm its location and content. If the information is incomplete or inaccurate (e.g. partial address), your listing may not be processed. 

Please note! After submitting a listing, it is only active for 30 days. After the 30-day period, it will be automatically un-listed in order to guarantee the listing accuracy. 

With the Business subscription plan, we can provide you with the "Listings auto-refresh" option. The auto-refresh will keep re-listing all active units for another 30 days until you unlist them manually. Please contact our Sales Team to get more details about it.


Last updated:
Feb. 24, 2023