How do I require the information from the tenant while signing the lease agreement?

When moving in a tenant and creating a lease, go to the last step called the "Agreement & Signature.” Here you can select the desired lease agreement from the ready-to-use templates:

You can also create a new template right on the "Agreement & Signature" step by pressing on “+Create New Template” and pasting the desired template:

In order to require additional information from your tenant while signing the agreement, you will want to use the Textbox field. Drag and drop the Textbox field to place it into the template:

Assign it to your tenant and select the needed characters limit. When assigning the field to your tenant, you will want to enter the placeholder text to be shown to your tenant. Then your tenant will see what you are requiring from them to enter. If you do enter placeholder text, the tenant will see Type here..” on their end:

When using a PDF template, you can also assign the Textbox field to yourself by simply entering the text in the field. Then it will be input into the lease agreement and will be shown to your tenant(s) while signing the agreement:

Please note!

  • Tenant will be able to provide their textbox only while signing the agreement, so you will also need to require signature or initials from your tenant as well;
  • Tenant won’t be able to sign the agreement without providing needed information in the textbox;
  • You will need to resize the tenant’s textbox element for the information to be put correctly and do not lay into text near.



Last updated:
Mar. 26, 2024