How do I send a message to my Tenant/Service Pro/Owner?

Messenger is a communication tool that allows users to send messages & files to connected contacts within the software. It is an internal message system which means that you can only send and receive messages from other connected users. Your contacts will be notified when new internal messages arrive by an icon in the top menu as well as via email notification. In order to message you back, your contacts will need to log in to their account.

The contact list is divided into different channels for your convenience:

  • Team
  • Tenants
  • Service Pros
  • Owners
  • Maintenance Requests

Team chat is convenient for communication with your sub-admins. You can communicate with all of them in the common chat or with each of them in your personal chat. Make sure, you’ve connected sub-admins and then you may chat with them.

The Tenants/Service Pros/Owners channels display dialogues with tenants, service pros, and owners, correspondingly. The Owners channel is displayed only in Property Manager Mode.

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You can also communicate with Tenant and ServicePro via the “Maintenance Requests“ chat. If you are connected and the Maintenance request is shared with them, the system automatically creates a separate “Maintenance Requests“ thread on their end.

If your Tenant submits the Maintenance request, the system also automatically creates a separate “Maintenance Requests“ thread on your end. If you do not wish to communicate within the request created by your Tenants, simply disable this option in your “Maintenance Settings“.

If you would like to send a message to one of your connected contacts, click the Messages icon in the header of your dashboard. Search for any contact you want to message using the search bar:

You can also mention a person in a particular chat using @ sign. Type the text and click the "Send" button to message your contact.

Please note!
You can communicate via Messenger only with connected users.



Last updated:
Mar. 29, 2024