What is the difference between Easy and Advanced Move in?

When it comes to creating a lease, the landlords will have two options to choose from: Easy or Advanced Move in.

The Easy flow move in process is faster and more convenient than the Advanced Move in. The main difference between Easy and Advanced Move In is that the first one does not include the following sections: dependents, other lease transactions, utilities, management fees and private attachments. 

Please note!
Easy Move in is available only for lease creation. EDIT and RENEW mode use Advanced flow. 

How does Easy Move In work?

On the move in page there are two scenarios: Send to sign agreement or Upload signed agreement. Select the desired option, enable "Easy move in" and then "Get started" buttons at the bottom of the page:

Please note! Once you select one of the scenarios and click on “Get started”,  you will not be able to go back and change the scenario.


There are 5 steps you need to pass to create a lease: Property&Tenants, Lease Transactions, Extra Fees, Insurance, Agreement&Signature.

On the first step Property&Tenants you need to select the existing property or create a new one:

If you are moving the tenant in from your Contacts or Application, then the tenant's name will be automatically filled in. Click on the trash icon to remove the existing tenant and select the required tenant from the dropdown menu or create a new tenant:

In the Share Settings section you will see the list of tenants with whom the lease & transactions will be automatically shared. Enter the email address for your tenant if you want the lease to be shared. Enable the "Share" button if you would like lease & transactions to be posted in the tenant's account for making online payments (connected tenants only). Click "Continue":


On the next "Lease Transactions" step, checkmark if you would like to enable the automatic lease rent invoicing. If you click "Yes", then enter the required information. 

Please note!
Starts on indicates lease start date and first rent invoice date. The due date is the date you choose on your first invoice date;

Ends on indicates the lease end date. If the lease is month-to-month, then select Month-to-month (no end date).

You can split the rent amount between your tenants equally or assign odd amounts. If you click "No", then the lease will be combined and tenants will be responsible for one invoice jointly:

With Easy flow, you can add only one Deposit. If you split the Rent with your tenants, then Deposit will be also split:


Please note!
If you do not require rent and deposit for the lease, then this lease is considered as combined.

The next "Extra Fees" step allows you to enable late fees and select the type:

On the next "Insurance" step you can request the insurance from the specific tenant:

This link will be useful: What is Renters Insurance?

On the last "Agreement & Signature" step, you can include agreements, upload attachments, and even have tenants sign the added agreements and addendum by activating the E-Sign option:

If you have selected the scenario Attach signed agreement, then you can attach any documents which will be shared with your tenants. Upload or drag and drop any files here:

Great news! Easy Move In has been completed.

If you want to make changes to the lease, please click Edit the lease. Editing option is available on Advanced Move in flow:

This link will be useful: 
How do I edit a lease?


Last Updated:
Mar. 26, 2024