How do I remove a tenant from the lease?

Within the system, there is an option to remove a tenant from an existing lease. Now there is no need to end the lease for all tenants anymore, now you can simply remove the tenant from the lease.

Please note!
If you remove the tenant from the lease then any rent recurring invoices and other invoices will stop posting for that tenant. The lease, attachments, maintenance requests, and all lease-related transactions will be removed from the tenant's account. 

To remove the tenant from the lease, please go to Contacts and click "View profile" on the desired tenant:

Switch to the “Leases“ tab and press "View" for the needed lease, then choose “Edit” from the three dots menu:

On the first “Property & Tenants” step under the “Resident” section you may see the tenants added to the lease. Click on the trash icon next to the tenant's name and confirm your choice:

To save the changes, click "Next step" and pass all the required steps of the lease:

The tenant will receive a notification that they have been moved out from the property.

Please note!

- Once you have deleted one tenant from the lease and your tenants pay individually, make sure that split amounts for rent are divided with the tenant's exact portion;

- On your side, transactions that were already posted to that tenant will not be deleted. You can delete them manually if you would like to;

- If your tenants pay jointly then you should have at least two tenants on the lease.



Last updated:
Mar. 28, 2024