How do I view the total owner(s) balance, total required reserve, and total distribution balance for an owner?

In order to view the total owner(s) balance, total required reserve, and total distributions balance for a particular owner, make sure you have assigned the necessary property(ies) to the owner and set up the percentage of ownership if more than one owner is assigned to a property.

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If all is set, go to "Contacts" in the left side menu of your dashboard and select the "Owners" tab. You will see a list of owners. If you don't see the "Owners" tab, then make sure you are in Property Manager Mode.

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Once you are in Property Manager Mode and see a list of owners, select the desired owner from the list and view their profile. Press the "View profile" button for the owner's profile. 

The "Owner(s) Balance" tab shows the total amount of positive balance (all green amounts) for a period. All liabilities are excluded.

The "Required Reserve(s)" tab shows the total amount of ''Required Reserves'' for all the assigned properties to a specific owner. The “Property Reserves” option specifies the required reserves of the owner which will be used for the automatic owner distribution invoicing. 

The property reserves should be added in accordance with the property type. If your property is a single-family house, the property reserve amount would be a total for the whole building. In the scenario with a multi-unit property, the property reserve amount is the reserve for each unit. The system multiplies the reserve amount by the number of units added and then shows the total for a property. You don't need to enter the total amount for all units.

You can assign more than one owner to a property. In this case, you must provide the ownership percentage for each owner so the calculations are accurate. If more than one owner is assigned to a property, the "Distribution Balance" is calculated according to the formula below.

Total distribution balance = property "owner balance" x "percentage of ownership" 

Please note!
"Owner balance" is the sum of all paid and partially paid property incomes minus property expenses on the date specified in the Automatic Owner Distributions Invoicing. It does not include liability and pending payments.


Last updated:
Mar. 29, 2024