How do I add liabilities?

When you manage your business accounting within the system, you can quickly record liabilities and enter payments when needed. Balances are updated automatically. You can add liabilities (deposit, credit, prepaid rent, etc.) from the "Accounting" page or while moving a tenant in.

Accounting page

To add liabilities, go to "Accounting" in the left side menu of your dashboard. Click the "+ Money In" button and select the "Credits" / “Deposit” option from the drop-down list. Fill in all required information and press either the "Create Invoice" or "Mark as paid" button:

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Lease settings

On the first page of the lease titled “Property & Tenants,” the system will allow you to create a liability transaction. Scroll down to the Deposit section, where you can create the invoices for any type of liability and input the date it was paid or is due.

Liability categories available in the lease:

  • Cleaning Deposit
  • Deposit Interest
  • Gym and Facility Deposit
  • Holding Deposit
  • Key Deposit
  • Last Month's Rent
  • Other Liability
  • Owner Deposit
  • Pet Deposit
  • Pre-paid Deposit
  • Prepaid Rent
  • Security Deposit
  • Utility Deposit

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Please note!

You can apply the liability to unpaid/partially paid property income invoices.

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Last updated:

Apr. 5, 2022