How do I apply deposits/credits towards invoices?

You can apply deposits, credits to unpaid invoices in the system.

For this, go to the "Accounting" section on the left-side menu on your dashboard and switch to the "Transactions" subpage. Click on the "Money Out" button and select the "Apply deposit" option from the list:

Choose the tenant, then select the property, unit, and lease number, the system will display the list of all unpaid or partially paid invoices for the particular tenant and the available liability amount. 
Choose the invoice date, category, type of liability, and the amount you want to apply. Click on the "Pay online" or "Record as applied" button to save changes. The liability amount you've used will be moved to income:

Please note!
You can apply the liability to unpaid/partially paid Property or General income invoices. If there is no invoice displayed when you select the tenant, that means they have no unpaid/partially paid invoices.

Additionally, credits and deposits can be applied from the Accounting, by opening the invoice and selecting the necessary option from three-dot menu:

Confirm the action:

The invoice ID number in the Payments & Activity indicates the actual transaction that has been used to apply the credits or deposits.

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Last updated:
Jul. 10, 2024