Why can't I see maintenance requests created by my client?

If your Landlord/Property Manager states that maintenance request(s) have been assigned to you but you do not see them in your account, ask the Landlord/Property Manager to make sure that you are connected and that the maintenance requests have been shared with you.

If you and the Landlord are connected, the request will be sent and posted to your dashboard automatically.

If you are not connected, the Landlord/Property Manager should go to Maintenance from the left side menu and click "View" on the specific request. Then scroll to the "Assignee information" section,  select the assignee and enable the “Share and post this request to Service Pro dashboard" toggle button. You will then receive an invitation to connect and the maintenance request will be available on your end so that you can view and begin working on it.

(the screenshot above is from the landlord's perspective).


This link might be useful:
How do I assign a maintenance request to my service pro?



Last updated:
Apr. 11, 2024