How do I adjust QuickBooks settings to enable updating an invoice or bill?

Certain configurations must be enabled in your QuickBooks Online settings for correct synchronization of the data to your QuickBooks Online account.

One of them is “Automatic update,” which enables the synchronization of your data to your QuickBooks Online account.

Please note that during the first connection of the QuickBooks Online account to your system account, we automatically set the Automatic update to be enabled. However, at some point, those settings might be changed in your QuickBooks Online account.

This prevents our system from updating an invoice or bill if a payment has already been added to it. Thus, you will see the pending connection and the following message in the system:

Please note!
No information can be synchronized in the Pending connection status.

To override this behavior, login to your QuickBooks Online account and enable the "Deposit" toggle button in "Account Settings" -> "Sales" -> "Sales Form Content". Please review the screenshot attached from the QuickBooks Online account for visual guidance.

Since the status is “Active“ again, the system can update ongoing invoices and bills and synchronize all newly added data.



Last updated:
Mar. 20, 2024