How do I update my search preferences?

The "Search Preferences" option is an important part of your renter profile. It gives you the ability to specify what kind of rental you want to apply for.

First, click on your profile picture and select the Settings option, find your Renter Profile and click on Public Profile Settings.

Alternatively, when being on the dashboard, you can just click on the “View“ button next to the Renter profile section:

From the App: Click on your profile photo, go to Settings and click Renter Profile

The status in your search preferences defines whether our platform is assisting you in finding a new place. When the status "Looking for a place" is on:

  • Landlords can invite tenants to apply for their listings using the TenantMatch feature
  • A tenant receives daily updates of new listings that match their search preferences

When the status  "Looking for a place" is off:

  • A tenant is not visible to landlords in the TenantMatch feature
  • No notifications about new listings are sent to a tenant

Here's what you can specify in your search preferences to find the perfect rental for you:

  • location
  • type of rental (apartment, condo, etc.)
  • monthly rent
  • bedrooms
  • bathrooms
  • size (square feet)
  • if the rental is pet-friendly

Note! The location field is required. Please enter a location before updating your search preferences. 

If you click on Update, your search preferences will be saved:

You can update your search preferences in the filter on the "Find a Place" page as well. To have your preferences updated just click the Update preferences button once you set the preferred filters on this page.

If the map is zoomed out too much, you will need to click Zoom in to save preferences button, so that the zoom is adjusted to the proper level and the Update preferences button shows up.

You can enable/disable the Search in other areas option to make the system search or do not search for the available properties outside the initially selected location.

Learn more on How do I Find a Place, the listing search tool. 


Last updated:
Apr. 9, 2024