How do I submit a rental application and pay an application fee?

In order to apply for a rental, the landlord needs to send the prospective renter a link to fill out an application for the listed rental. Or if the renter is viewing the website hosted through the software, and applying for a rental using the listing on the website.

You are to follow the link and press the "Apply to this listing" button.

Fill in all required information and press the "Continue to pay the fee" button. If you do not complete the application, it will remain in draft format. You will need to select the "Edit application" button to complete the application and apply for the rental.

The progress bar is in percentage format and is situated in the upper left corner of the page. This will help you visualize the progress of your rental application. 

If you are applying with another co-applicant, press "+ add occupants" and provide the required information. Enable “Invite to apply” toggle button to send out the email invitation to the co-applicant. Your co-applicants will receive a link to submit a rental application. If you disable “Invite to apply” toggle button, the invitation to apply won’t be sent to your co-applicant.

Put a check-mark to acknowledge that you have read and understood the disclaimer:

If an application fee is required, pay it using your credit/debit card. If your potential landlord has successfully set up Online Payments on their end, you can submit payment by pressing the "Pay online" button.

After confirming the transaction, your rental application will be successfully submitted.

On the Applications page, you can find a prospective rental and submit your rental application, click the "Find a place" button in the upper right-hand corner, enter the city, state, or zip code of the location you are interested in. Click on a listing and you'll be able to apply online or contact the landlord/property manager:



Last updated:
Aug. 11, 2022