How do I print an application?

Once an application is created/submitted by a potential tenant, you can print it from the application preview page.

Please note! The rental application is customizable and you can decide how it looks for the applicant by editing the Rental Application Settings.

N/A means that the information wasn’t provided by an applicant. 

Go to the Applications page and view the needed application:

Сlick on the “Print“ button:

The PDF document can be downloaded to your computer/device or printed in a typical way:

If you would like to download the Rental Application with all attachments, photos, and documents that were attached to the application, then simply press “Export Application“ in the three-dot menu. The ZIP file with all attachments will be downloaded.

Please note, that there is no way to print out a blank application.


Last updated:
Mar. 27, 2024