How do I upload documents to the application?

You can easily add attachments (state or other related forms) to your applicants' template to be downloaded, filled out, and submitted with the application by your potential tenants.

Go to the Leasing page and choose the Applications sub-page from your left-side menu:

Here you can add attachments to the application in two ways:

1. Add them while creating an application manually:

  • Press the "+ New application" button;
  • On the last step of the application add attachments by clicking the "Upload file" button and save changes using the "Submit" button:

2. Add attachments to the already created application:

  • Go to the application, scroll down a bit to the Attachments section, and press “Edit”; 
  • Upload a file and press the "Update" button.



Last updated:
Mar. 25, 2024