Why can't my Tenant see invoices?

If you receive a complaint from a tenant that they do not see new invoices on their end, please make sure you have followed the steps below:

  • Connect a Tenant

A connection must be set up between you and your tenant to share a lease, send messages, and exchange files within the system.
Learn more here:
How do I connect with a tenant?


  • Share the Lease

To be able to send lease agreements for review and signature online, send new invoices, accept payments, and receive maintenance requests, you will need to share the lease with your tenant. Please switch to the "Leases" tab on the tenant's profile and select the needed lease by clicking “View”. If the lease was not shared with a tenant during the move-in process, you will see the "Share" link:

The following link may be useful for you:
How do I connect with my tenant and share the lease?



Last updated:
Mar. 26, 2024