What does the status of the maintenance request indicate?

Maintenance requests are divided into several statuses:

  • new
  • in progress
  • in review
  • resolved
  • canceled
  • archived

"New" status indicates that you've created the work order manually and submits the request online. It automatically shares with the landlord if connected. Also, your landlord can create the request manually and make it visible to you. Note that you'll be able to cancel a request.'

You can view the "In progress" status changes along with a request activity. You won't be able to change its status but still can cancel a request.

Once your landlord or service pro has changed a request status to "Resolved", it will be displayed on your end.

You can change the maintenance request status to "Canceled". Your landlord and service pro can do the same on their end. In this case, the sharing of this request ends. Canceled requests cannot be edited. You'll be able to remove them only.

You can view "Archived" by landlord work orders on your end. It will be moved to another tab. Archived status will be visible only on your end and cannot be removed.


Last updated:
Apr. 9, 2024