What does my ServicePro see?

A Service Pro account helps users to manage maintenance (cleaning, home improvement, landscaping and lawn care, legal, pets, and others) and store necessary documents.

The Dashboard page:

In the Business Profile menu ServicePro personal data and services will be presented:

The Maintenance page contains all the maintenance requests. They can easily add new maintenance requests by clicking on the "+Add request" tab:

The list of transactions will be presented in the Accounting page:

The contacts can be found in the Contacts page of your dashboard. New contacts can be added by clicking on the "+ Add new contact" button:

Clicking the Message icon in the header on the dashboard takes them to an overview that allows sending messages:

If they happen to have any questions or need some clarification, they can simply submit a support ticket or give us a call, and our support team will be glad to help them:


Last updated:
Apr. 9, 2024