How do I schedule a rent increase or decrease?

In order to schedule a rent increase or decrease, go to "Contacts" in the left side menu of your dashboard. The list of tenants should be configured to show the moved-in tenants. Find the necessary tenant and click on the "View leases" from the three-dots menu next to the tenant.

Select the "Rent Increase/Decrease" option from "Dots" menu next to the active lease:

Click on the "Increase" option, choose between "Fixed amount" or the "Percentage" options, enable "Calendar reminder" toggle button if needed and press the "confirm rent increase" button:

You can view the rent increase on the lease details page. Click on the "Settings" icon to cancel or update the rent increase settings:


Please note!
The system will start to post the updated invoice starting the next rent cycle depending on the schedule specified in the lease. 



Last updated:
Mar. 31, 2022