Maintenance Requests Report

The Maintenance Requests Report shows the list of maintenance requests related to a property. This report contains request dates, statuses, assigned service professionals, and equipment linked.

Please note!

The Maintenance Requests Report is not shared with the owner by default. To enable sharing, the property manager needs to change the configuration in the owner's profile. 

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How do I set which reports an owner can view?

Icons in the top right corner of the page indicate the following:

Info Tip: Hover over it to read a brief report description.
Sharing options: Hover over it to see if an owner has access to it.
Help: Click on this icon if you want to read the complete article on how to use this report.

When generating the Maintenance Requests Report, you can adjust the following criteria:

Date range
You can adjust your own “custom range” by choosing a start and end date to generate the report, or you can use the pre-set date range options, which are all, last month, last 90 days, this year, last quarter, last year, and year to date.

Filter by Property/Owner
You can filter by property or by assigned owner. If you select Multi-unit type, a field for a unit number will appear and you can select the unit.   

Filter by Tenant/Service Professional
You can filter by the assigned service pro or by the tenant that submitted the maintenance request.

Request Information
You can filter maintenance requests by specific information, including status, priority, and category.

Optional Columns
You can check the boxes of additional columns you want to add to the report, including request title, tenant information, and equipment name.

Preview the report
The Preview button gives you the option to preview the complete report as a PDF file in a new tab. You can go through it and download it if all is correct, go back and adjust other settings, or just close the tab.

Downloading the report
Click the "download" button to generate the Maintenance Request Report. The report will be generated into one file, and you can download it as an Excel or PDF file. The "preview" and "download" buttons will be inactive if there is no information on the chosen criteria or you have no properties added.



Last updated:
Apr. 1, 2024