Tenant Statement Report

Tenant Statement Report shows all income from the tenants, including paid and unpaid invoices, displays deposits and credits, and shows general income. This report has two tabs: overview and generate. Often used for seeing tenant's income invoices outstanding to date, keeping track of the funds received from your tenant, sharing a detailed statement of charges and payments from a tenant.

Icons in the top right corner of the page indicate the following:

Info Tip: hover on it to read a brief report description.
Sharing options: hover on it to learn if an owner has access to it.
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Please note!
The report can't be shared with the owner.

When generating the Tenant Statement Report, you can adjust the following criteria:

Date range
You can adjust your own “custom range” choosing the needed start and end date to generate the report. Or you can use the pre-set date range options like all, last month, last 90 days, this year, last quarter, last year, and year to date.

Lease Status
The toggle button "Active leases only" is enabled by default, but you can disable the toggle button to include the leases of all statuses.

Filter by Property / Tenant / Lease
You can filter by property or tenant. If you select the Multi-unit type of the property, then a field for a unit number appears and you can select the unit.

Please note!
The Preview of the report is available if you have selected the specific tenant in the drop-down. If you select ALL, you will be able to download the report only.


Optional Columns
You can tick checkboxes of additional columns you want to add to the report: lease number, lease duration, payment method, and details.


Additionally, you can enable/disable the “Grouping by payment category” option. Enabling “Group by payment category” groups all the transactions within the invoices and payments section and shows totals for the columns amount due, the amount paid, and outstanding balance in each payment category. For example, you can see the totals for Rent, Tenant Charges & Fees, Maintenance Fees, etc. If you disable “Grouping,” the report will be generated showing totals of the columns amount due, amount paid, and outstanding balance for each section of the report.

 Please note!
The default accounting type is Accrual for the Tenant Statement. It sorts the transactions by the due date.

Preview the report
The Preview button gives you an option to preview the complete report in a PDF file in a new tab. You can go through it and download if all correct, go back and adjust other settings or just close the tab. The Preview can be generated for one tenant at a time.

Downloading the report
Click on the "download" button to generate the Tenant Statement Report. The report is generated into one file, and you can download it as .xls or pdf file. If you chose  'All tenants' in the filter, you will be asked whether to generate the Tenant Statement into one file for each tenant separately. The "preview", "download " buttons will be inactive if there is no information on the chosen criteria or you have no properties added.

Please note!
If the file is very large it would be compressed into a zip file, you will need to unarchive it.


What categories does this report include?

This report includes property-related income and general income transactions, the liability (deposits and other liabilities) and the Tenant Charges & Fees transactions.

Included Statuses:
-partially paid

Not included categories:
-Owner Contributions
-Owner Distributions
-Management Fee
-Property Expense
-General Expense

Not included statuses:

Transactions of all lease statuses (active, past, ended, future, signature/insurance pending) except for leases in draft status will be included in the Tenant Statement.



Last updated:
Mar. 28, 2024