How do I get a Rentability report?

The Rentability report provides a complete analysis of specific properties, including estimated rental rates, rental trends, area vacancy rates, rental market strength indicators, comps for nearby rentals, and other vital intelligence. This report helps real estate investors, property managers, landlords, real estate agents, lenders, and financial institutions operate with confidence. It is available for U.S. properties only.

Rentability Report:

  • makes detailed rent estimates
  • provides data on market trends
  • gives insight into property investment analysis.

The report is available for the following unit types: single, condo, multiplex, mobile home, suite, townhouse, villa and apartment.

To get a rentability report, go to Reports in your left side menu, click the “view“ button and then click “Order”. The cost of the report is $19.99 (non-refundable). You can view an example of a RentRange report by clicking the "View sample report " link:

Good job! Your purchased report has been added to your unit attachments and sent to your email. You can easily download the report:

Also, you can purchase the report by going to your Listing and clicking "Purchase a report":



Last updated:
Mar. 27, 2024