What is Trust & Verification?

The software is made up of landlords, property managers, tenants, and service professionals. All come together in an online eco-system mostly having never met before in person. Because at the heart of the real estate industry is money moving around it is important for both of you and everyone you interact with to verify they are who they really say they are. 

Whether it is setting up your bank account or a tenant looking at a listing we can all work much better together when we know each other isn't a fraudster trying to scam us. Tenants especially have been hit with a wave of fake listings purporting to want first and last month's rent and eager tenants send the money without ensuring the recipient is indeed verified.  Verifying yourself makes it safe for tenants and that helps you get more leads as well as cut back on the number of victims from such scams. 

This information is used for the exclusive and sole purpose of identifying you in order to provide a verified stamp of approval. We hope you will help make the software a safe place for tenants by getting verified and leaving no doubt you are who you say you are.

You can use your account without verifying your identity, but before you can set up Online Payments and list properties on our partners' sites, you need to provide verification of your identity to help us prevent fraud and create trust for your potential tenants and other users.

To get the verification shield, read How to verify my account?



Last updated:
Dec. 17, 2022