Why was my ID rejected?

There are the following reasons your verification was rejected:

Document Check:

Reason #1: The ID type is invalid or expired.

SolutionMake sure it’s a valid government-issued photo ID document and that it is not expired. Please provide another document, such as a passport, driver’s license, or government-issued ID card, or postpone your verification process until the document is renewed.

Reason #2: The photo ID is not clear or readable enough:

Solution: Update your verification information and resubmit it with a clear, readable ID.

  • Capture a clear image; make sure the image is not too dark or bright and doesn’t have a glare. Hold steady and allow your camera to focus to avoid blurry photos.
  • Do not block any part of your ID document in the image. Ideally, you can lay it flat to take the photo using your mobile device. Cameras on mobile devices typically take higher-quality photos than a webcam. But sure, you may also use your webcam once you submit the verification request from the desktop version.

Reason #3: Your device doesn’t have a camera, or you declined to grant Stripe permission to access it.

Solution: To be verified, please submit the support ticket and upload the image holding your ID straight in front of the camera, next to your face.

Selfie Check:

Reason #1: Rejected selfie: the photos of your face did not match the photo on the ID document.

Solution: update your verification information and re-take the selfie so that your face matches the provided ID. Please make sure you follow the recommendations:

  • Do not block any part of your face during the verification process. Remove sunglasses, masks, or other accessories
  • Find a location with ambient lighting. Avoid spaces with strong overhead lights that cast a shadow on your face or ID document. Avoid sitting directly in front of a bright light, which can wash out your face and add a glare to your ID document.

Please note!

You will receive the feed notification along with the email notification once your account verification is approved or declined.  Our verification manager always provides the reason for any decline and possible workaround.

We are working for you: Monday- Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. UTC, except for holidays.





Last updated :
Mar. 20, 2024