Why was my ID rejected?

There are few reasons why your ID could have been rejected by our verification manager.


Reason #1: You provided a selfie without your ID held next to your face.

Solution: provide a photo of yourself holding your ID.

Reason #2: You provided an unclear, unreadable, and/or not colored photo of your ID.

Solution: update your verification information and resubmit it with a clear, readable, and valid ID.

Reason #3: You provided an invalid ID.

Solution: update your verification information and upload a valid ID.

Reason #4: Your verification document has been expired.

Solution: please provide another document such as passport, driver's license or government issued ID card or postpone your verification process until document will be renewed.


Please note!

You will receive the feed notification along with the email notification once your account verification is approved or declined.  Our verification manager always provides the reason for any decline and possible workaround.

We are working for you: Monday- Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. UTC, except for holidays.




Last updated :
Mar. 2, 2023