How do I activate and edit content on my landlord website?

The system allows users to create their own listing websites. In order to activate your listing website to market vacant rentals, please click on your profile picture select the "Settings" option, then choose “Domain Settings” in the "Listing Website" section:

In the "Domain settings" tab turn on the "Activate the Listing Website" toggle. Fill in the subdomain name in the subdomain field. It may be the name of your company, your personal name, etc. Your website address will have to match the next format: and click the “Update” button.

In the "Website Layout" segment you can select a website sitemap, which defines what site sections you want to be included in the structure of your Listing website. You can choose between a Rentals page or a Company website sitemap.

Please note! The Company website option is available starting from our Pro subscription plan.

If you would like to use the Company website type, click "Upgrade" and upgrade your plan.

With the Company website layout, you can change the color theme, add the homepage cover photo, logo, and any text you wish to have displayed on your homepage. You may as well add a photo gallery showcasing your properties for everyone to see!

If you have a team that you would like to introduce, you can add them to your homepage along with a picture of each team member. To do that go to the "Team & Contact info" tab and turn on the toggle "Display team on the homepage". You can then decide what team member will be shown on the website, or you can manually create a new contact person.

You can also add your office location to add credibility to your business and let your customers know where you are.

Enter your Social media links for interested parties to see on your website. Press "Update" to save the changes.

To view the website, select View website option from the three-dot menu:


Last updated:
Mar. 21, 2024