How do I view calendar items?

With Calendar, you can quickly view to-do tasks and get notifications about upcoming lease renewal dates; lease, insurance, and warranty expiration dates; invoice and maintenance due dates; rent increase/decrease reminders; timeline notes and other reminders—so you always know what’s next. It's also possible to make a reminder recurring by changing the reminder frequency. Calendar is designed for one member or a team. It’s simple to assign a team member to-do tasks and timeline reminders. 

You can view calendar records using the widget or directly on the Calendar page. You can view items on the Calendar widget under the Overview section. Here you’ll see the amount of tasks for the current day.  Click “View all” to see the full list of tasks in Calendar:

You will see a list of reminders and notifications for the current day. Select the date for which you have previously set up a reminder. You can also change the day, week, or month in the "Display" options to view other planned reminders or notes.

Clicking on the "Today" button will return you to the current day:

The "Filter" option allows you to sort your reminders and notes by type, assignee, frequency and property.

The Reminder types are divided into:

  • Reminders
  • Lease Expiration
  • Insurance Expiration
  • Warranty Expiration
  • Maintenance Request
  • Timeline Notes

Assignee: You can select either yourself or a sub-admin from the drop-down list to receive a reminder.

Frequency: This can be either one time or recurring.

Property: Select the property/ unit from the list to see the related reminders.

If you would like to make any changes to an existing reminder, please press the "Edit" button for the required reminder. Press the "Delete" button if you would like to remove the reminder. You can also mark the reminder as resolved by pressing the "Mark as Resolved" button:

To add a new reminder, press the "Add reminder" button. You can assign reminders to yourself or a sub-admin, select different properties, and make reminders repeat with whatever frequency you need.


Last updated:
Aug. 10, 2023