How do I customize the dashboard?

To customize your landlord dashboard, click on the “Customize” button at the top right corner of your Dashboard:

You can choose to hide or show dashboard widgets. The following (5) five widgets can not be hidden: Calendar, Recently Viewed, Lease Funnel, Tasks, and Accounting. Once you selected the widgets you want to be displayed on your Dashboard, click the Update button:

You can also see the Finish Account Setup widget, which shows the next steps to complete the setup process of your account:

Please note! You can close the Finish Account Setup widget once you have completed all the steps. When all steps are completed, the progress will display 100%, and the “Close” button will appear in the upper right corner of the widget. Once the widget is closed, there’s no option to display it again.

To remove the widget, click the “Close” button and “Confirm” your choice:



Last updated:
Mar. 19, 2024