How do I add a reminder to the calendar?

The system Calendar is a great way to view all of your request due dates and keep track of other important notifications and reminders.

To add a new reminder to your calendar, open the "Calendar" page from the left-side menu.

You will see a list of reminders and notifications for the current day. Press the "Add reminder" button to create a new reminder:

Type the reminder title, description and select the required date & time. In the "Assignee" section you will be able to select yourself or your sub-admins to assign a reminder from the drop-down list. If a sub-admin is selected as an assignee for the one-time/recurring reminder or the timeline note, they will receive an email notification about a new task.   

Please note!
The feature to add sub-admins is available in the Business subscription plan!

This link might be helpful: How do I add multiple administrators to my account?

Choose the needed property from the "Property" section. Enable the toggle button for "Recurring" and select the needed frequency if you would like the reminder to occur regularly.

Click the "Create" button to add a reminder. The reminder will now pop up in your calendar. You can edit or delete it at any time.

You can also mark the given reminder as completed. For that select the "Resolve" option from the three-dots menu:

In case you need to find a reminder, you can use the Filter option. The reminders can be sorted by event type, assignee, frequency, or property&unit.



Last updated:
Apr. 1, 2024