How do I publish a post on the Property Message Board?

Property Message Board is a place where landlords/property managers and tenants can all communicate and share files. The message board is restricted to connected tenants only who are moved into the property. In order to access the message board, the tenants should have an account, should be connected with the landlord/ property manager and have an active shared lease.

Landlord/Property Manager can list job postings, items for sale (or wanted for purchase), lost or found items, notices and announcements. Tenants will be able to leave a comment if it's allowed by the landlord.

Please note!
Property Message Board is available with Growth, Pro and Business plans.

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To access the Property Board, the landlord will need to go to the Messenger and switch to Property Board (PB) channel

A list of all publications which were posted by landlord or sub-admins (if allowed) will be displayed on the left sidebar. Total publications show how many posts have been created. Use the Search icon to search your posts by post titles:

Filter option allows you to search for posts by date, property, and author name:

In order to publish a new post you will need to click on the "+New Post" button placed next to the Search icon.

Enter your catchy Post Title, select Property Name to publish a post to all connected tenants who have an active lease on the specific property. Or, enable All Properties toggle button to publish a post to all connected tenants with active, shared leases from all your properties. 

Once the specific property is selected, the Visible to section shows how many connected tenants who have an active lease on the selected property can see this post. 

If you enabled All Properties then the Visible to section shows how many connected tenants who have active leases from all properties can see this post.

Type or paste your text in the "Body" field, add attachments, and enable "Allow Comments" if you want your tenants to post comments to a certain post. 

Click "Publish" to create the post:

Please note! 
You can select only active and occupied properties from properties list. Archived and vacant properties won't be shown.

Once the post is published, you can click on the number of tenants to take a look at how many connected tenants with active lease(s) can view this post. You can click on each tenant individually to view their profile.

By clicking on the specific Property or All properties you will be redirected to Units page where the specific property or all properties are filtered. You can view details of the property if you would like to:

Once the post is added, your tenants are able to leave their comments regarding the particular post. You can adjust whether your tenants are allowed to leave comments due to each post individually. New comments are displayed first under "Write a response" field.

Landlord/property manager can edit or delete their own posts as well as sub-admin's posts by selecting a needed option from the dots menu:

If sub-admins are added, they can also manage the Property Message Board if the main admin has set access permissions for that. If the main admin allows sub-admin to respond both from the Communication center then sub-admin can publish posts or leave comments under their own name or under the landlord's name.

Sub-admin can remove posts if the main admin sets permission for that. All sub-admin activities can be checked by clicking on the timeline icon next to their name.


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Please note! 

  • If the tenant's lease becomes past or ended, the new message board publications will no longer be visible for that tenant, the tenant will not be able to leave comments on any posts. But tenants will be able to view past publications, comments made during their lease term.
  • New tenants are not able to see past publications and their comments and will be able to view only those publications that were made during their lease term.



Last updated:
Mar. 27, 2024