Can I add a ribbon to my listing?

You can easily highlight your property’s unique assets by adding a ribbon that shows up on the listing search page.

You can add ribbons during the listings set up on the Property Information step. On the final screen, you’ll have the option to select the ribbon color and type.

If you decide to add a ribbon, you can use a Standard or create a Custom one, depending on your needs.

The Standard one allows you to select a ribbon title from the drop-down list with the variety of options that we offer, whereas Custom allows you to create any ribbon title by typing in the input. Also, you may choose None if you don’t need it. Then, the input field will be blocked.

Once the ribbon is selected and saved, it will be displayed publicly along with the listing.

Please note!

Ribbons can be added to any listing and are available to all paid subscription plans.


Last updated:
May 17, 2024