How do I complete the Move-in inspection report requested by Landlord?

Once your landlord requests a Move-in inspection, you will see the appropriate banner on your main Dashboard and the pending request in the Inspections tab. You will also be notified via email and feed notification when the landlord sends such a requirement.

Сlick the “start inspection” button to proceed with the process:

The page includes general information about the property, the landlord’s contact information, and lease details, and the Move-in inspection list itself.

Please note! Please make sure to complete the inspection report before its expiration date.

There are the following sections here for you to submit: Living room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Exterior, and Other. If the landlord requires certain sections to be filled in obligatory, you’ll see the “required” banner next to them. In such a scenario, at least one record must be added.

Please note! You may add up to 15 records for each section.

Click the “+ Add conditions” button, then select the “section” and its condition whether it’s “good”, “fair” or “damaged”. You may also put some notes if needed, and upload up to 10 photos or/and 5 sec. video of the problem. 

You may also edit or delete the condition from the three dots actions: 

If the condition is “fair” or “damaged”, you may request a repair from the landlord. The option is enabled by default, but you may turn it off. If enabled, the appropriate maintenance request will be created and assigned to the landlord automatically after the inspection is completed and signed.

After you fill in all the required information, you may want to accept the disclosure and sign the inspection.

After you sign the inspection, its status will be changed to “Ready” and will be automatically shared with the landlord, and other tenants from the lease if applicable.

Please note! Please make sure to provide all the needed information for each section before signing the inspection, as it cannot be edited one it’s “ready”.




Last updated:
Apr. 17, 2024