How do I dispute a rent payment inaccuracy shown on the credit report?

If you identified an error in your credit report, you can go ahead and dispute the incorrect reporting. What steps should be followed?

  1. Dispute the information with the credit reporting companies (TransUnion and Equifax).
  2. Contact the support team, and be ready to provide the dispute documents for further review.

Please note!

  • The system reports both negative and positive rent payments to Credit Bureaus on the 22nd of each month. Please make sure the rent is paid at least by the 21st of the month in question. If you pay outside the system, please ask your landlord to record payment as received on time as well.
  • In case you opted for historical rent reporting and you believe some of the past rent payments were reported incorrectly, you may dispute them as well.

Submitting a dispute to credit agencies requires you to 1) explain in a written form what information is reported incorrectly and why, and include copies of documents that support your dispute. You may find instructions and template letter as a guide here 2) Fill in the dispute form itself.

You can contact the credit agencies online, by mail, or by phone. Please check out the link for more information: How do I dispute an error on my credit report?

I sent my dispute. What’s next? 

After the dispute is submitted to credit bureaus, agencies investigate the dispute, forward copies of relevant documents to us, and report the results back to you.

After corrections are made, we notify all the credit reporting companies (TransUnion and Equifax) about the corrected information. Then, the credit reporting companies update your credit reports.

Disputes are typically reviewed within 30 business days. However, each case differs and might take different time to be resolved.

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Last updated:
Mar. 19, 2024