How do I turn on/off the Autopay option?

The Auto pay option allows tenants to set up a recurring payment that is automatically withdrawn from their selected account. The Auto pay option can be set for every recurring transaction separately.

Please note! 
You can enable the Auto pay option only if you have added and verified at least one bank account. You can enable the Auto Pay option for active, shared leases with recurring transactions. The amount limit is $10 000 per transaction.

In order to enable Autopay, go to the "Dashboard" section from the left side menu and move to the "Leases" tab. Then select the needed lease, press the "View" button, scroll down to the “Recurring Transaction” section, and from the three dots menu select “Enable autopay”:

On the “Auto Pay Setup” page, you can select the bank account or debit/credit card from which the specified amount will be automatically withdrawn. The end date field specifies when the Auto Pay option will be deactivated. The number of days before the due date to initiate the payment means that you can schedule the funds withdrawn in advance to make it clear on the due date. Press the “Setup Auto Pay” button to enable the Auto Pay option for this specific recurring transaction.

Please note! 
You will receive an email one day before auto-payment is initiated, the day auto-payment is initiated, and in the event of a failed payment or canceled Auto pay.

If you are on separate lease invoicing, then you cannot edit the "amount" field. If you are on combined lease invoicing, you and your roommate(s) are allowed to enter your own portion of the amount you want to be automatically withdrawn.

You can also make changes to the necessary fields and change the Auto pay option settings by clicking on the “Enable Auto pay” option in the Recurring Transactions section. To save the changes click “Update” at the bottom of the page. Landlords are unable to “edit” the invoice that has Auto pay turned on, but they can “void” the invoice with Auto Pay.

To be able to turn off the Auto pay option, click on the “Auto Pay” toggle, then click “Turn off” at the bottom of the page and the system will stop automatically withdrawing funds from your bank account. After that, all payments should be initiated manually.

The Auto Pay option will be automatically canceled in the following cases:

  • if the lease status changes from active to past/ended
  • if the lease recurring transaction amount/category is edited by your landlord
  • if the lease is deleted by your landlord
  • if your landlord or property manager reset/deletes their account
  • if your bank account was deleted
  • if your landlord or property manager's Online Payments account is not active


Last updated:
Nov. 29, 2023