How do I save a bank account?

In case you would like the bank account to be saved for all your next ACH payments and be visible on the Checkout page while initiating the transaction, you are welcome to add a bank account in Settings > Bank Accounts > add a bank account:

Please note! You are able to add a bank account and pay via ACH payments only if you are connected with your landlord or property manager and their Online Payments account is verified.

Each time you initiate the ACH transaction (Bank Transfer), you will be able to choose this bank account from the drop-down on the Checkout page. The toggle is set for “pay with saved method” by default.

If you would like to pay with another bank account and do not want to save it for the next payments, please select the “pay without saving the payment method” option:

You can also save a bank account right from the Checkout page. To do so, please go to the Rent page and click on the “pay online” button:

Click on the “Checkout” button. Select “Bank transfer” and “pay with saved method”. Click on the down arrow next to the “payment options” section and select “add a bank account". Then you’ll be able to link a bank account by following the instructions on the screen and it will be saved for your next payments.

Please note! You can save only 2 bank accounts.

Your account type must either be a checking or savings account. You cannot link “non-transactional” accounts like investment or money market accounts.​ 
That’s it! Your bank account is successfully added and you can pay rent online.



Last updated:
Jul. 21, 2022