How do I pay an owner?

In order to pay an owner, click "Accounting" in the left-side menu on your dashboard. Click the "-Money Out" button and then choose "Owner Distributions" from the drop-down options:

Fill in the information about the owner, property, and unit if applicable. Press the "Create invoice" button. If the owner has not set up the online payments click on the "Create Invoice" button or enable the "Mark as Paid" toggle button:

Please note:
The Pay Online button won’t show up for you if you aren’t connected with your owner and if they haven’t set up Online Payments in their settings yet. In this case, you will see the Record Payment option instead.

If an owner has set up the online payment option, you can click on the ''Pay online'' button:

You will be redirected to the Checkout page. Press on Pay Online and click "Submit Payment" (the Bank Account payment method is chosen automatically). Pay the distribution:



Last updated:
Dec. 1, 2023