How can I hire a Service Pro?

A bidding feature is a great tool that can help you to find and hire a Service Pro near you. Follow this link for more details about how to find a Service Pro:
How can I find a Service Pro within the system?

After the Service Pro receives a job notification and is sent a request, you will be able to view the public business profile of the Service Pro on your end. Go to the “Requests” page from the left side menu, click on the “view” near the maintenance request you need, and scroll down to the section “Service Pros Near You”:

To view more information about Service Pro and hire them, click on “View Profile” under the request:

Here you can see the Service Pro’s website and click “Hire” if you want to hire them:

After you have confirmed that you want to hire a Service Pro, the connection between you will be established and the Pro will be assigned to the maintenance request automatically:



Last updated:
Apr. 7, 2022