Can I receive the 1099-NEC Tax Form?

The software offers a great opportunity for Service Pros to access a 1099-NEC form based on the income they receive from their Property Managers within the system. The system calculates all income that the Service Pro receives online or any recorded invoices in paid and partially paid statuses by the Property Manager. The report can be generated for the tax year. 

Please note!
1099-NEC Tax Form is available for US citizens only and only for Landlords on the Growth subscription plan and higher. 

Your property manager may easily fill and generate the form within our system and share the Copy-B form with you.

  • If you are connected with the landlord you’ll receive the form both via our built-in Messenger and via email.
  • In case you are not connected to the system, you will receive the generated 1099-NEC form via email.

In both scenarios, the property manager should follow all the conditions described in the following article, to be able to generate the form. 

The link might be helpful: 
1099-NEC/MISC Tax Form 

Please note!
The software does NOT mail or send electronically 1099-NEC Tax Forms to the IRS. For convenience, the forms are saved as PDF files and can be printed for mailing.  

Last updated:
Apr. 10, 2024