How do I send a message?

Clicking the "Messages" icon in the header on your dashboard takes you to an overview that allows you to send new messages:

The internal message system differs from an e-mail account in several ways. You cannot send or receive messages from other message systems or from e-mail. This means that you can only send and receive messages from other connected users within the software. Being a Service Pro, you can use Messenger to send messages to Landlords.

Users receive new messages once they log in to the system. If you are logged in, you are notified when new internal messages arrive by an icon in the top menu, or by a received message notification. Whether or not you are looking at our website, you can be alerted to new messages that will appear on your screen and stay for about 15 seconds before fading (if you do not cancel it yourself).  Whether or not you choose to receive Desktop Notifications, you will still receive notifications via the red 'bubble' notifications on your dashboard.

There is also a separate “Maintenance Requests” channel in Messenger. When your landlord/ property manager creates a MR and shares it with you, the system automatically creates separate “Maintenance Requests” chat on your end:

Please Note: Desktop Notifications are currently available only for the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari. Depending on your browser preferences, you may have to re-enable Notifications after restarting the browser, clearing the cache, or clearing the history.

Select the contact, you want to message to, type your message in the field below. Click "Send":

If you want to delete a communication by clicking on the the "Delete" icon at the top right corner of the page. This action cannot be undone:

It is also possible to print the conversation by clicking on the "Print" :



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Apr. 12, 204