How do I log into multiple accounts?

The ability to have multiple accounts is a useful feature that allows you to simultaneously stay logged into your several user accounts and easily switch between them. This option is very useful if you manage multiple landlord accounts or have a landlord AND a service pro/tenant/owner account in the system.

To see the list of accounts you are currently logged into, click on your avatar in the right top corner of your screen. There, you will find the “Add another account” button.

Click to log into a new account without leaving the actual one. Enter your account credentials to log in or click the “Create new account” button. Use the generated code if two-factor authentication is enabled. After successfully logging into another account, you’ll be able to fully interact with its interface. 

You can unlink an account by clicking on your avatar in the left top corner of the screen, pushing the bucket icon to the right from the needed account, and confirming your action in the next window.

Please note!
You can’t be simultaneously logged into more than 10 user accounts.

Please note!
Tenants can’t log in as landlords while sub-admins aren’t able to log in as main admins.


Last updated:
Mar. 1, 2023