How do I sign a notice?

Your landlord/property manager has the ability to share the notice for you or require the notice to be signed online. In order to sign the notice, you should be connected to your landlord/property manager:

Please note!
If you are not connected to your landlord, this article might be helpful:

 How do I connect with my landlord?

If your landlord or property manager has required you to e-sign a notice, you will receive a message in your Messenger as well as a notification in your Notifications Feed. In order to sign the notice click the "Messages" icon in the header of your dashboard and click “Sign“ on the Notice that you are required to sign and has a status of “Signature pending“:

Read the notice carefully, take a look at notice attachments (if applicable) and fill all the required fields in this document.,if your landlord/property manager required theinformation using textbox element. You can either type or draw your signature. Confirm your name, initials, read the terms of use by signing this agreement and click "Agree&Sign". Complete the signing process by clicking “Sign the notice”.:

Once the notice is signed, it will then display a status of “Signed“. In order to view the signed Notice go to the Messenger and click the “view” link on the notice. You will be redirected to a new window with the notice pdf generated which you can save on your device as well.



Last updated:

Apr. 12, 2022