Why is my property status vacant even after I have moved a tenant in?

There are situations when you move in your tenants and create leases for them, but the property is still shown as Vacant even though you’ve already created leases. In this scenario, be sure to check out the lease status for your tenant - if the lease is in Pending status, the property status won’t be shown as Occupied yet:

Please note!
The property will be shown as Occupied only after the lease for your tenants becomes Active.

The lease can be in Pending status if you’ve requested the tenant to sign the lease but it hasn’t been signed by them yet. You will see the pen icon on the lease details section of the tenant profile if the lease needs to be signed. Once the tenant signs the lease, the lease becomes active: The lease in Pending status shows when you’ve requested the Renters Insurance - in this case, you will see the shield icon on the lease details section of the tenant profile and it becomes active after the tenant provides their insurance or you disable the respective option while editing the lease:

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Last updated:
Mar. 26, 2024