How do I communicate with my team members?

You can easily communicate with your connected tenants, owners and service pros in the system using Messenger and your team members are not an exception! 

Please note!
This option to chat with team members is available only for users who are subscribed to our Business plan.

In order to send a message to your team members, please go to the Messenger page by clicking the Messages icon on the top right side of the page. Then, switch to the “Team“ section.

Please note:
The “Team“ section will appear only if there is at least one connected team member.

Once you and your team member are connected, the channel is activated. In this channel, you can communicate with all your team members at once as well as with each team member individually. Be sure to type your message and press the "Send" button. You can attach the picture or a file as well.

By clicking the right mouse button, you will see all available actions that can be done with this message. Feel free to edit, reply, copy, forward, or delete the message. The ability to edit or delete messages is limited by time. These actions are available for one hour after the message was sent. 

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Last updated:
Mar. 27, 2024