How can I show/hide my phone number on Listing Website?

You can hide/show your phone number on the Listing Website in the process of listing a unit or editing an existing listing. 

Note! The phone number is a required line to display on third-party websites such as and other ILS as listings are not legit without it. Due to the configuration, you may hide it on Rentals only.

To create a new listing open "Listings" from the left-side menu, select "Unlisted" from the Display menu, and click "List unit":

To edit an already listed unit, choose "Listed" from the Display menu, click the photo of an active listing and select "Edit" from three dots menu:

Take a look at the "Application settings" step. Here you can enable or disable the "Display phone number on my Listing website" toggle button in the Contact Information section. That’s it! Press on the "submit listing" button if it is a new listing or Update & Resubmit for a current listing:

Please note!
The "Display phone number on my listing website" toggle button is disabled by default. 

Learn more about editing the listing here:
How do I edit a listing?


Last updated:
Mar. 31, 2022