How do I make an invoice visible/invisible to my owner?

There are some charges property managers want — or in some cases, don't want — their owners to see on shared reports. We provide the option to create invoices for your tenant and make them visible/invisible to the owner. This means that it will or will not be included in certain reports.

To use this option, log in to your account, go to the Accounting section from the left side menu, and click on Property Income from the Money In tab. 

Select the Category/Sub-Category of Tenant charges & fees, choose a payer and lease, and fill out the rest of the information. Below the "Tenant charges & fees" category, you can enable the toggle button "Visible to owner", so that the invoice will be visible to your owner, or disable this button so that your owner will not see the posted invoice.

Click "Create invoice" if you would like to receive the payment:

Or "Mark as paid" if the invoice has already been paid outside the system. Confirm the action by providing the necessary information:

To configure recurring invoices, navigate to the Recurring section in Accounting. Then, click the +Money In button and choose Property Income. After selecting the Tenant charges & fees category, the Visible to owner toggle will appear. Remember to click Create to save your changes.



Last updated:
Mar. 29, 2024