What does my owner see?

The Owner Portal allows owners to pull property reports, pay and receive owner distributions/contributions transactions, message property managers, set up online payment options, approve maintenance bids, etc. 

Every registered owner has their own unique login and password which allows them to log in to their personal dashboard and connect with multiple property managers. 

This page shows the list of all properties that have been added by property managers on their end and assigned to the owner. Each property has a quick button that allows viewing of property reports.

The "Accounting" page displays a list of transactions and tracks funds sent and received from property managers.

The "Reports" page allows owners to view and download various reports for one or all of their properties. They can view only those reports that have been set on the property manager's side.

Maintenance Requests
Owners can view maintenance requests and approve repair costs (up to three bids) requested from connected property managers. While reviewing bids owners can view uploaded files and leave notes, as well as approve or decline bids. 

Only connected property managers and owners can pay/receive online payments or communicate via our internal Messenger.


Last updated:
May. 12, 2023